General Assembly Resolutions - 2016

Record of the General Assembly- April 25th, 2016

On April 25th, 2016, BEPS General Assembly held its meeting at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik- Lebanon. The meeting was headed by its Secretary-General, Pr. Nehme Azoury.

  • Faculty exchange: Acknowledgement of the importance of exchange programs among BEPS members and the necessity of promoting such programs, especially with regard to the mobility of students. BEPS will serve as a platform for the reinforcement of its members’ interaction.
  • The Arab Economic & Business Journal:1 (1) Working on the determination of the impact factor over the period of 2014-2016. (2) Recommending business faculties to adopt the Journal as a reference for the process of promoting of its faculty members.
  • Members: Inviting members to expand the visibility of BEPS in their country by promoting its activities and increasing the number of its adherents.
  • Conferences and Seminars: Approving the necessity of organizing a next conference or seminar intended to Political Sciences faculties.
  • Accreditation: The necessity of promoting regional and international accreditation through specific seminars enabling accredited members to share their experiences while defining the common weaknesses of MENA business faculties in line with international standards. Approving the need for a regional accreditation body considered as a first step towards international accreditation.
  • Executive committee: Calling upon the faculty members seeking to join BEPS executive committee to come forward. This committee will be mainly in charge of expanding BEPS geographic representation;
  • International relations: Reinforcing and developing the relation of BEPS with governmental and non-governmental international organizations, including the European Foundation for Management Development EFMD and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business AACSB International.
  • Financial situation: Endorsing the idea of addressing membership annual fees directly to the President of the University, together with the Dean of the Faculty of Business to ensure full compliance with the members’ financial obligations.


Country University Faculty Dean
Algeria May 8, 1945 University of Guelma (Sc.Po) Faculty of Law and Political Science Dr. Widad Ghouzlani
Algeria Université M’Hamed BOUGARA de Boumerdès Faculty of Economic and Commercial Sciences and Management Sciences Dr.Badache Boubakeur
Bahrain Applied Science University College of administrative sciences Dr. Ziad Mohammad Zurigat
Egypt Pharos University Faculty of Financial and Administrative Sciences Prof. Dr. Tarek Taha Ahmed
Egypt Alexandria University Faculty of Commerce Dr. Samir Kamel
Jordan Al Hussein Bin Talal University College of Business Administration and Economics Dr. Adel Al Khattab
Jordan Princess Sumaya University for Technology King Talal Faculty of Business and Technology Prof. Shafig I. Al-Haddad
Jordan Al-Balqa' Applied University Amman College for Business Dr. Haitham Al-Shibli
Jordan World Islamic Sciences & Education University Faculty of Finance and Business Dr. Hanaa Al-Hounaity
Jordan Irbid National University College of Finance and Business Administration Dr. Salem S. A. AL-Rahimy
Jordan Al-Balqa' Applied University Faculty of Planning and Management Dr. Jamal Ahmad Nsour
Jordan German Jordanian University Talal Abu Ghazaleh College of Business Dr. Mamoun N. Akroush
Jordan Mu'tah University (Sc. Po) The College of Social Sciences Dr. Saddah Al-Habachna
Jordan Jadara University Faculty of Economics and Business Dr. Mohammad Moumani
Jordan Zarqa University Faculty of Economy and Administrative Sciences Dr. Ahmad Aref Assaf
Jordan Philadelphia University Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences Dr. Najib Al-Fokaya'
Jordan Tafila Technical University Faculty of business Dr. Mohammad Shbeilat
Jordan Mu'tah University (Gestion) Faculty of Business Administration Dr. Fairuz Al-Damour
Jordan Yarmouk University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Dr. Hassan Al-Issa
Lebanon Lebanese International University School of Business Dr. Adel Daaboul
Lebanon Saint Joseph University Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences Dr. Tony Jbeily
Lebanon Notre Dame University Faculty of Law and Political Sciences Dr. Mouin Bou Saber
Lebanon Beirut Arab University Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration Dr. Nehal Moustafa
Lebanon BEPS- Holy Spirit University of Kaslik- USEK Secretary General & Dean of the Faculty of Business Dr. Nehme Azoury
Lebanon BEPS Executive Director Mrs. Mirine Maalouf
Lebanon BEPS Director of Research & Development Dr. Charbel El-Khoury
Lebanon Holy Spirit University of Kaslik-USEK Faculty of Political Sciences Dr. Georges Yahchouchi
Oman Nizwa University College of Economics, Management, & Information Systems Dr. Ahmad Masoud Alkindi
Sudan University of Science and Technology Faculty of Administrative Sciences Dr. Bakri Moussa
Sudan Shandi University Faculty of Economic , Commerce and Management Dr. Ehab Abd-Allah
Sudan University of Khartoum School of Management Studies Dr. Abdelgadir M.Ahmed
Sudan University of Science and Technology Faculty of Administrative Sciences Dr. Ibrahim Fadel El-Mawla Al-Bachir
Sudan The National Ribat University Faculty of Economics and Management Studies Dr. Azhari Ahmed Farah