Issue 10, Volume 1 - 2015

  • The Role of Financial Engineering in Reducing Financial Risks in Commercial Jordanian Banks
    Khalil Al Refaee, Ahmad Siam
    Al Balqa’ Applied University, Jordan
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  • Currency Crisis in Sudan in 2012: An Econometric Analysis
    Alamedin Bannaga
    University of Sudan for Sciences and Technology, Sudan
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  • The Relationship between Growth-Inequality-Poverty Triangle and Environmental Degradation: Unveiling the Reality
    Syeda Anam Hassan, Khalid Zaman, Shah Gul
    COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad, Pakistan
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  • The Impact of Organizational Knowledge Strategies in Deliberating of Organizational Success among Managers in Saudi Arabian Industrial Companies
    Ibrahim Alhodhaibi, Abdullah Barakat
    Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia
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  • Leadership Styles at Syrian Universities and the Differences Caused by Sector and Follower Characteristics
    Rami Ayoubi, Bayan Khalifa
    Damascus University, Syria
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  • What Does Matter in Economy Today: When Human Psychology Drives Financial Markets
    Abderrazak Dhaoui
    University of Sousse, Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management, Tunisia
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