Issue 10, Volume 2 - 2015 | Article

The application of social responsibility in Jordanian Banks and its impact on the competitive feature from the point of view of banks’ employees
Morad Khaled Radaideh, Anwar Nahar Al Azam
Jordan Customs Department, Amman, Jordan
Amman Arab University, Jordan


The study aims to identify the reality of the application of social responsibility in Jordanian banks, and its impact on competitive advantage. It also seeks to determine the most important pillars of the Jordanian banks that facilitate the success of social responsibility with a view to achieve its objectives in favor of the related parties. This happens through trying to identify the extent of the application of social responsibility within the nine following dimensions: community, environment, customers, employees, shareholders, government, suppliers, competitors, minorities and people with special needs. In order to achieve that, the researchers selected a random sample of 170 employees of the study population and the bank employees in the scope of various aspects of their work. Questionnaires were also distributed to managers of banks directorates and branches; they included 45 paragraphs about social responsibility and 16 paragraphs about competitive advantage. Data were integrated into the computer and processed using SPSS statistical program. The study concluded that social responsibility is a subject of interest, along with competitive advantage for banks. It also found out that there is a relationship between social responsibility and competitive advantage among directorates and branches under study.

Key words: Social Responsibility; Competitive Feature; Social Performance; KPIs; Jordanian Banks; Jordan

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