Issue 10, Volume 2 - 2015 | Article

The Impact of International Recruitment on Job Satisfaction in Jordanian Mobile Companies
Salem Ahmad Alrhaimi, Fatima Alhumshry
College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Irbid National University, Jordan


The current study aims at determining the main sources of internal recruitment in mobile telecommunication companies in Jordan and its significant impact on job satisfaction. It also determines the main criteria applied in internal recruitment policies. A total amount of 300 employees from three mobile companies (i.e., Zain, Orange, and Umniah) participate as a unit of analysis. The data is collected through a structured questionnaire which was analyzed by regression analysis and t-test. The results show a positive relationship between all sources of internal recruitment (i.e., internal advertising, promotion, transfer, and friends) and job satisfaction. In addition, the findings reveal that all mobile companies applied specific criteria in internal recruitment process which have a good knowledge about their employees, and the development of recruitment sources and criteria.

Key words: Internal Recruitment; Satisfaction; Communication; Mobile; Jordan

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